SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 was released October 11, 2012 and was a significant step forward from SharePoint 2010 platform by introducing new functionality and a new user experience beyond what previous iterations of SharePoint could offer. The release of SharePoint 2016 foc offers several hybrid features as a step towards the cloud.

We’ve also put together hand-selected lists specifically for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online (Office 365) that will narrow down your search.

1. SharePoint 2013 For Dummies

SharePoint Portal Server is an essential part of the enterprise infrastructure for many businesses. Building on the success of previous versions of SharePoint For Dummies, this new edition covers all the latest features of SharePoint 2013 and provides you with an easy-to-understand resource for making the most of all that this version has to offer. You’ll learn how to get a site up and running, branded, and populated with content, workflow, and management. In addition, this new edition includes essential need-to-know information for administrators, techsumers, and page admins who want to leverage the cloud-hosted features online, either as a standalone product or in conjunction with an existing SharePoint infrastructure.

  • Walks you through getting a SharePoint site up and running effectively and efficiently
  • Explains ongoing site management and offers plenty of advice for administrators who want to leverage SharePoint and Office 365 in various ways
  • Shows how to use SharePoint to leverage data centers and collaborate with both internal and external customers, including partners and clients
SharePoint 2013 For Dummies

2. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Step By Step 1st Edition

Olga M. Londer wrote Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Step By Step and just so happens to be a technology evangelist for Microsoft Corporation having served as a technical lead on numerous projects for major clients and coauthored many books about SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Step By Step concentrates on learning SharePoint 2013 easy and quickly teaches how to boost team collaboration. With Step by Step, you get to set the pace—building and practice the skills you need, a truly great SharePoint 2013 piece. You will learn how to:

  • Customize your team site’s layout, features, and apps
  • Manage and share ideas, documents, and data
  • Capture and organize content into lists and libraries
  • Automate business processes with built-in workflows
  • Use social features to communicate and collaborate
  • Publish content using enhanced web content management.
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Step By Step 1st Edition

3. Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration

The new iteration of SharePoint boasts exciting new features. However, any new version also comes with its fair share of challenges and that’s where this book comes in. The team of SharePoint admin gurus returns to presents a fully updated resource that prepares you for making all the new SharePoint 2013 features work right. They cover all of the administration components of SharePoint 2013 in detail, and present a clear understanding of how they affect the role of the administrator.

  • Compares and contrasts SharePoint 2013 to earlier versions
  • Helps make your SharePoint 2013 installation smooth and successful
  • Addresses managing customizations
  • Looks at SharePoint 2013 for Internet sites
  • Includes an introduction to SQL Server 2012
Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration

4. SharePoint Search Queries Explained: A guide to writing search queries in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

SharePoint 2013/Online bring lots of search functionality to the table and in this book search specialist Mikael Svenson will via examples show the ins and outs of: Keyword Query Language (KQL) Query Variables Result Sources Query Rules Search Orchestration You will also get a brief introduction to the FAST Query Language (FQL) and a comparison of the Search Result Web Part vs. the Content Search Web Part.

This book does not cover search schemas, custom full-text indexes or rank profiles, but focuses on the query part of SharePoint and how to use craft search queries for search driven solutions. The book is based on Mikael’s blog series by the same name, and provides an easy access reference and guide to search queries in SharePoint. If you contact the author with proof of purchase you are entitled to a PDF copy of the book.

SharePoint Search Queries Explained: A guide to writing search queries in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

5. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple

Get the full-color, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft SharePoint 2013 plain and simple! Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to get things done.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Create libraries for all kinds of media
  • Share information in one location
  • Organize people and processes
  • Connect SharePoint to Microsoft Office with no fuss
  • Find things fast with the Search Center
  • Expand your community with social networking
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple